Companies know leadership matters. Organisations that thrive in today’s uncertain world say it’s their top priority. So if we all agree leadership is so important, why do so few companies believe they’re getting it right?

Leadership is simple to understand – but it isn’t easy to do. That’s because it starts with ourselves.

Today’s leaders need to be able to engage and empower.  Building high-performing teams and inclusive cultures that in turn create great experiences for colleagues and customers. When leaders do this, amazing things happen – collaboration, creativity and performance soar.

To me, great leadership is about being you on your best day, every day. It’s about how we ‘show up’ and how we are with each other, moment to moment.

That’s where I come in.

Over the past 25 years I’ve worked with individuals and teams in large and small organisations to develop leadership capability.

My work is transformative, focused – and measurable.

“As the CEO of a fast-growing global organisation, my focus and mind can cloud. Working with Sarah helps me to clear the fog, maintaining focus whilst balancing my own human needs. The results are fantastic. I get better performance from my management team and hit targets sooner.”  Andrew Wright, CEO, SmartPA

“One of the most effective coaches I have seen – Sarah gives time, shows patience and listens carefully. This wins trust and encourages others to seek Sarah out as a go-to mentor and coach. Impressive, valuable, no- one better in my judgement.”  Sharon Brown, National Operations Director, Autograph at Interserve

“Focused, attentive, emotionally connected – Sarah demonstrates the most effective coaching and facilitation skills. She has a great ability to help individuals and teams navigate and make sense of ambiguous and complex issues in real time and in the right way.”  Therese Procter, Chief People Officer (FCIPD)

Sarah Lock Leadership

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