Laughing she shouted: “look at the size of that arse” as I walked up the stairs

This was said by my female boss in front of members of the team

I was 25.

It hurt I’d struggled with my weight. To be laughed at by my boss & in front of the team, I felt humiliated

Yes we’ve all heard the antidote ‘true beauty is on the inside’ …. & when you are being called out for the size of your arse or for the spots on your skin, in that moment, it can seem hard to believe that its what is inside that really matters

3 things I now see:

1) When someone is derogatory to another human being, that is an indicator of what is going on inside of them. It’s nothing to do with us

2) No one can hurt who we ‘truly’ are. How we look on the outside has absolutely nothing to do with who we truly are. We are way more than our hair, our skin, our arse size

3) One day you will realise just how beautiful you are, and I promise you that on that day your life will change forever

THE most important relationship we have in life is with ourselves. Turn the attention inwards & focus our energy here ?

For me, what really matters is kindness, compassion, courage, love, strength … qualities I admire in others & ones I’d want to see in anyone leading ?

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