Its been difficult…


I thought it was me …


Did I do something …


I’m a private person so sharing the personal side of me on social media since launching my leadership coaching & consultancy business has been new territory … how much do I share?

I understand that if I want to serve more people, to live from my purpose, it’s important that people get to know ‘me’

I’m a coach. This is a relationship business.

He says we’ve a connection …

Commenting on my social media, texting in the evening/weekends, emailing me, wanting to meet up, wanting to talk …

Me being polite has been viewed as ‘interested’

I’m a coach … connection, empathy, compassion, understanding, kindness is all part of being a coach … it’s part of being human … it does not mean I’m interested romantically

I’m from Yorkshire … I have an innate, some would say ‘cheeky’ humor … it’s not ‘flirting’

So where is the line …

What am I learning:

  • Clear boundaries are key
  • I can’t control the ‘meaning’ someone infers from me being polite, kind, funny, compassionate, empathetic
  • I like me so I’m not going to stop being me, all of me

And the line …. the line is when I stop belonging to me because of someone elses insecurities … and that’s not an option

I’m not going to stop belonging to me

And there is always the ‘block’ option!

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