coaching culture

(I’m a coach. Let’s get that out there first.)

You want to bring coaching to life in your organisation.

So, you employ a coach.

Result! (For me, obviously.)

But one person – even one team – can only ever do so much. To develop coaching (and your people) to its full potential you have to create a coaching culture: a sustainable ‘loop’ of observation, feedback and action that permeates every level of your business and helps every individual thrive and perform at their best.

Getting this right usually means a long-term behavioural change. It’s not enough to bring coaches in, or even to train a group of internal coaches. You have to create conditions where coaching is expected of managers and peers at every level throughout your organisation – a coaching community. With lots of experience in developing a coaching culture, I do more than coach – I can help establish change.

Creating a coaching culture is a highly bespoke, tailored service based on your organisation’s challenges and goals. If you’d like to chat about how coaching can transform performance at every level, I’d love to hear from you.

Whether you’re starting or growing, getting the right cultural framework in place from the very beginning will help you win in the right way. Get in touch to talk to me about how you want things to feel in your business.  (And if you’re already some way down the road but want to make a change, it’s never too late!)

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