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One of the hardest things about leadership is how fluid it is. Think back 10 years – culture, context, challenges: everything has changed.  

When did you last review your leadership framework, by the way?

(Here’s a hint: if Girls Aloud were in the charts, it’s highly likely your framework isn’t driving the skills you need for today, let alone tomorrow.)  

An end-to-end review of your framework is a great way to check it still meets your needs. Begin with colleague insight then cross-check against the business objectives and latest thinking (I do love a bit of research) to check it’s driving the behaviours you need. If it doesn’t, we’ll create a plan to change it. Then it’s a matter of building your new framework into every aspect of your people processes, from communications to appraisals, and using the latest learning techniques to engage and develop the new behaviours.

With extensive experience gained at the sharp end of start-ups and retail, I can help.

The world is moving so quickly: does your leadership framework help you meet your challenges or does it hold you back? Let’s talk – whether you’d like some diagnostic or assessment, or if you know you’re ready for a change, I can help.

To find out more, email me@sarahlockleadership.com or fill in the form below.

I’ll review your answers personally and be in touch soon regarding next steps.

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