Lunchtime break on day 2 of a CEO coaching intensive …

High performers often have what we call ‘guilty secrets’. They have ‘quality problems’ that they feel they shouldn’t have … this leads to them bottling it up, suppressing it …. and bottled up guilt takes energy. Energy they need to be their best self.

Guilty secrets can create a feeling of loneliness

Most CEOs talk about a sense of loneliness at some stage in their career.

Working with a coach, being part of a mastermind group and having a mentor are key support structures for anyone leading. It’s a safe and trusted place to share and explore guilty secrets that often exist in a modern world.

A lot of my clients talk about the desire for more freedom. They feel guilt around wanting more free time … free time to read, to pursue a hobby, to have ‘me’ time.

Let me offer you a ‘distinction’ around freedom that I learned from a brilliant coach @richlitvin

There are 3 levels:

– freedom from … my boss, my marriage, my kids, my debt (most people operate here)

– freedom to … that job I love, that relationship I love, travel to where I want when I want

and finally …

– FREEDOM… that freedom that is inside of us all, that we can access at anytime when we drop out of our thinking and into our heart

Freedom isn’t out there. It’s inside us. You won’t find freedom out there ?

That freedom is available to all of us. There is simply an old story that keeps us ‘stuck’. It usually involves words like ‘should’ and ‘need to’ and ‘but’

Coaching can help to get us ‘unstuck’, it holds a mirror up to old stories that aren’t serving us, it deals with old emotional trauma (suppressed emotions) … so that we can the life of our dreams ?

Freedom is in you … and it’s available now ?

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I can help

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