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Imagine a beautiful snow globe full of fake snow.

Now shake it up.

It still looks beautiful from the outside, but can you imagine being on the inside? Nothing to see except snowflakes swirling around – confusing and chaotic.

When we are inside the snow globe we can’t see the answer to our questions, we can’t see possibilities. We need to let things settle.

I often use the snow globe analogy with my coaching clients. The snow is our thinking, our beliefs and our to do lists; all creating noise. Our minds can get so full with work, home, family and day-to-day living that clarity seems impossible – and then we try to make big decisions from our busy snow globe mind!


My job as a coach is to help you create massive transformation in your inner world so that you can get the results you are searching for in your outer world.  

So, whether you are a 20-something at a turning point in your career, struggling to decide what to do next; a 30-something weighed down with feelings of anxiety or thoughts of ‘I’m not enough’; a 40-something going through divorce trying to create ‘head space’ to thrive at work while dealing with tough times at home; or a 50-something who wants to rediscover your personal purpose and love your life…

I can help.

Whatever you want to create in your life, business, relationships, job, health, I can help. With your commitment, I can start you off on the right track in only a couple of sessions, then support you to continue to take consistent action.

If you are curious about working with me, please answer these questions:

I’ll review your answers personally and be in touch soon regarding next steps.

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