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Here’s a story from my past.

I truly believe that being open, honest and transparent is the only way to make leadership development truly inclusive. So, I was horrified when I discovered a talent programme I was responsible for had developed a reputation for being elite and secretive, a place where the chosen few went to explore promotion opportunities.

Something had to change.

We put together a team and started with our greatest advocates – colleagues who had already taken part in the programme. They used video to share their stories, sharing the impact the programme had on their career. I then led an end-to-end review of the whole process – the communications, the assessment process and the programme design itself.

This changed the way we recruited internally. We stopped the assessment centre approach and moved to a combination of interview, psychometrics, written evaluation and sponsorship. Talent stopped being about who was loudest on the day and instead focused on all-round potential and values.

The results were outstanding. Applications rose and successful applicants arrived with clearer expectations. Past participants rushed back to mentor new cohorts in an effort to ‘pay forward’ their experience. And 90% of people who attended were promoted.

I can help you make the most of the potential inside your organisation. If you’d like to discuss an internal talent acceleration programme then I’d love to hear from you.

To find out more, email me@sarahlockleadership.com or fill in the form below.

I’ll review your answers personally and be in touch soon regarding next steps.

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