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Learning is action. It isn’t something that happens to you – at its best and most powerful, it’s something you create yourself.

I’ve worked with many organisations that struggled to adapt to new ways of learning. It’s not easy to change old habits and deal with the discomfort of creating new ones. Yet your organisation needs people who self-lead and are curious, persistent and resourceful.

One approach is to identify people who already demonstrate the behaviours you want.  The ones who never stop learning.  Whether that’s inside the organisation’s ‘official’ channels or not. Start a community. Get executive sponsorship. Amplify their voices.

Then back this up with the right sort of learning. Every day, iterative, risk-taking learning. Learning based on doing, not sitting in a classroom. Get these two factors right and development will soar. Let’s talk about how to make that happen in your organisation.

Taking learning out of the classroom and into the workplace is more effective, more dynamic and more cost effective. A dynamic learning organisation is your competitive advantage in the war for talent – ask me how to make it work for you.

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